Window Cleaning using a Pure Water Fed System

Window Cleaning using a Pure Water Fed System

Pure Water - Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Technology

We have been using pure water fed poles for over 5 years now & we get asked all the time about how it works and if the end result is as good as using traditional tools.

Here's the honest answer:- In the right hands, a pure water system work like a charm and the end result is much better compared to conventional or traditional window cleaning methods.

How does this system work?

A Pure Water Fed System comprises of the following components:-

- Filtration Unit
- Hose
- Carbon Fibre Pole
- Brushes
- Connectors

In simple words, a filteration system is hooked to a mains water supply & the it purifies the mains water, that is, it removes minerals like calcium, chlorine & magnesium and other impurities and pumps that pure water out to a hose which runs to a pole and is connected to a water spiting brush mounted on top of the pole.

We then use this brush to agitate all the dirt, dust & grime on the glass and loosen it. This glass is then rinsed by pure water. This pure water dries spot free, that is, without leaving any streaks or water stains on the glass and window comes up crystal clean.

These systems have evolved into fully automated machines but they still work on the same principle.

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