The Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Melbourne

The Squeegee Squad Window Cleaning Melbourne specializes in all types of Single & Multi Story Window Cleaning around Melbourne, ranging from simple single story window washing to reaching those multi story tricky & inaccessible windows. We make sure that your windows, frames & ledges sparkle.

We have expertise in both Internal and External Window Cleaning for all sort of Single & Multi Story Properties - Residential or Commercial. We not only clean windows at your property but also get rid of any cobwebs, wipe the frames, dust the fly screens & clean the tracks.
The Squeegee Squad team consists of skilled professionals equipped with "State of the Art" Water Fed Pole Systems & Van Mount Systems. We can easily clean up to 8 floors from the safety of the ground.

Browse through our pages to find out more about the services we provide. Our before and after photos give a genuine representation of what you can expect and our testimonials give an insight into the positive experience our existing clients have. Make sure you request a free quote from our website or simply give us a call and we will be happy to cater to your needs.

Our Team

We have a 12-member strong team with all team members being trustworthy, fully trained, extremely friendly, very diligent and vetted professionals who are fully insured, police checked & verified and have got a working with children check, will work their squeegee magic to make your windows nice, clean, shiny and sparkly.

Why Choose The Squeegee Squad?

Why should you choose The Squeegee Squad Property Care Window Cleaning Melbourne for all your window cleaning needs?

- 24/7 Customer Service Hotline - We are always open and working. We have a 24/7 Customer Service Hotline for all your URGENT Window Cleaning Jobs in Melbourne & around. We also have a live chat box on our website and you get can get hold of us using that.

- Obligation Free Quotes - We provide you with a quote after we have a look at the job. There are no hidden costs and the price on the quote is what you pay in case you choose us to look after the job for you. All our quoted prices are inclusive of GST. The quotes are Obligation Free.

- Extremely Professional & Reliable Staff - All our staff are extremely professional, very friendly, fully trained and diligent. They put our client's interest before their own.

- State of the Art Equipment - The equipment we use is all imported from USA and is State of the Art. We are equipped to reach up to 8 story heights from the safety of the ground.

- Transparent Pricing Policy - Our prices are very transparent & competitive. Our hourly rate does not fluctuate with your geographical location. The prices we quote include windows washed inside and outside, fly screens washed and dried, frames, sills & ledges cleaned and all cobwebs removed.

- Large Service Radius - Our tem members our based in pretty much every corner of VICTORIA and hence we cover up to a 250 km radius from Melbourne.

- Scheduling Service - We can do your Window Cleaning job as a once off or book it in on our system and schedule it for a regular clean where we call you a week in advance to confirm the booking which gives you ample time to make all necessary arrangements.

Conventional & Ultra Modern Window Cleaning Techniques

We not only use all the ultra modern methods of Window Cleaning but also are old school and use conventional and traditional techniques. We assess the job and where we might just use a Water Fed System to clean your outside windows but we would still use an applicator and a squeegee to clean your windows on the inside.

We use Water Filteration Units to convert water in to pure water by either Reverse Osmosis or De-ionization. This pure water is then fed through a hose and pumped up to 8 story heights to a brush with thousands of fine bristles, agitating all the dirt and dust on the glass, this pure water rinses off all the dirt, dust and soot off the glass surface. This window is then left to dry and it dries spot and streak free.

Window Cleaning Services

We cater our Window Cleaning Services to clients with different needs. Broadly, we cater our services to the following:-

--> Residential Window Cleaning Jobs
--> Commercial Window Cleaning Jobs
--> Body Corporate Window Cleaning Jobs
--> High Rise Window Cleaning Jobs


Call us now on 1300 79 6465 or 0466 696 001 for an obligation free quote for your Window Cleaning Job.

Alternatively, Please use our Quote page, live chat box or email us at and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

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